About me - Michele

I have grown up with Rosellas, lorikeets and cockatoo’s and got my first male Eclectus Parrot in 2006.  My flock has grown since to 6 eclectus parrots and one Green Cheek Conure.  I am now an established eclectus breeder going on Seven years.
I adore birds and they are my life’s passion.  I wanted to get into minding birds to give a “home away from home” experience and give your birds an environment similar to what they are used to to minimise as much stress as possible at very affordable prices.
Hope to see you at the Inn...
Michele and Flock
Michele’s Feathered Hotel
Eckysrus - Eclectus Breeding

I am in my 7th Year of Breeding my Eclectus Parrots
I am owned by 6 eclectus parrots
I have One breeding pair: Rocky and Ruby
Eclectus Babies:

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